C88 November

Somehow I was asked to participate in C88 which is surprising as it’s a particularly good event. The theme was painted desert and I immediately started thinking of The Sahara which I would love to visit sometime (maybe all y’all should buy my shit and make it a reality…. hope that didn’t sound like I was instigating a fundraiser). So I’m pretty fascinated by Bedouins and Berbers and Persian rugs, Bedouin tents and I drink a lot of Moroccan tea, so all that was my inspiration for these items.

You can buy the individual parts for 88L each or the full set for 188L (a saving of some lindens… 76 to be exact)

C88 opens November 8th


FLF 12/10/12


I won’t be in Fifty Linden Friday again in October so I thought I’d give you a little Hallowe’en release.

The pumpkin carrier candy bucket thing is wearable or rezzable, when worn it gives you the option of five different poses which are controlled from your keyboard. The pumpkin dispenses healthy option toothbrushes in a range of colours when clicked and these are also wearable and play a sort of half toothbrush/ half bj animation because I’m not that good at animating yet and I couldn’t just buy an animation as it has to be copy/transfer so you can give them out to your friends, see how nice I am?

L$50 at Conspiracy Theory

Zodiac – Libra

Late as ever here are my items for the Libra zodiac event. I heard Libra’s were artistic so I thought I’d make an easel and like painting stuff. Realising this was pretty but useless I contacted RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur to maybe do a collaboration and add some like painting poses or whatever but she did so much more than that. Feeling like I should maybe put some more effort in I made the easel texture change, you can either use my “art” or add your own.

Also I like to do something very related to the particular star sign for the month, even if it is a sort of token acknowledgement, I don’t know maybe I should think more about sales than themes but you know whatever, I’m not a super serious cut-throat business avatar, yet.

Available @ Zodiac event

And here are some nice blog posts that use some of these things ‚̧



Zodiac – Virgo

A bit late blogging this but the event (for this star sign) is open until September 17th so you still have an opperchancity to pick up my items, if you want.

The Zodiac clock shows the time (funny that) and also the current star sign in case you need to keep reminded about the astrology.

Available in three colours…….

I also made this thermometer, it doesn’t reall y do anything, it’s just a stupid joke because Virgos are “ruled by mercury”.

Available here

Watergate Office Chair

Not just your mother’s office chair (is that how you use that idiom? Does your mother even have an office chair?) Anyway, this vehicle yes VEHICLE has all the fun of the fair but without the deep fried chocolate covered bacon butter balls. You can drive it around, you can change teh colour using a HUD yes you heard (read) right, a mother-loving HUD! Also swap between three poses that were made by me! I made all this stuff, mesh, textures, scripts but I guess this leaves you wondering why with those mediocre skill at my disposal why did I make a stupid office chair. The answer is simple, because I could, now let’s race, last one back from the water cooler is a rotten egg and no short cuts past the photocopier.

Wategerate Office Chair

L$50 at Conspiracy Theory

FLF 17/8/12

The Contra Watch has super fun features, no really, you can even zap people with a laser.

The starter pack is available at a special introductory price of 50L for one day only as part of Fifty Linden Friday.

You can send dialog messages, shout at people and even use the new teleport features.

You can customise your watch with the expandable colour HUDs, either by buying a colour set or an all colour HUD which has ALL THE COLOURS. Colour packs are 100L each and include 6 colours, you can mix and match the strap, face and buttons etc with any combination. Also included are  4 Metal face textures in each pack.  The all colour pack with all the colours carries a discount and is 250L.

Even girls can wear it, look!

Available @ Conspiracy Theory on The Nest