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Zodiac – Libra

Late as ever here are my items for the Libra zodiac event. I heard Libra’s were artistic so I thought I’d make an easel and like painting stuff. Realising this was pretty but useless I contacted RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur to maybe do a collaboration and add some like painting poses or whatever but she did so much more than that. Feeling like I should maybe put some more effort in I made the easel texture change, you can either use my “art” or add your own.

Also I like to do something very related to the particular star sign for the month, even if it is a sort of token acknowledgement, I don’t know maybe I should think more about sales than themes but you know whatever, I’m not a super serious cut-throat business avatar, yet.

Available @ Zodiac event

And here are some nice blog posts that use some of these things ❤


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