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Watergate Office Chair

Not just your mother’s office chair (is that how you use that idiom? Does your mother even have an office chair?) Anyway, this vehicle yes VEHICLE has all the fun of the fair but without the deep fried chocolate covered bacon butter balls. You can drive it around, you can change teh colour using a HUD yes you heard (read) right, a mother-loving HUD! Also swap between three poses that were made by me! I made all this stuff, mesh, textures, scripts but I guess this leaves you wondering why with those mediocre skill at my disposal why did I make a stupid office chair. The answer is simple, because I could, now let’s race, last one back from the water cooler is a rotten egg and no short cuts past the photocopier.

Wategerate Office Chair

L$50 at Conspiracy Theory


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Should probably attempt to maintain a blog about my stuff in SL. I've tried and failed about 400 times before to do this though.

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