Zodiac – Libra

Late as ever here are my items for the Libra zodiac event. I heard Libra’s were artistic so I thought I’d make an easel and like painting stuff. Realising this was pretty but useless I contacted RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur to maybe do a collaboration and add some like painting poses or whatever but she did so much more than that. Feeling like I should maybe put some more effort in I made the easel texture change, you can either use my “art” or add your own.

Also I like to do something very related to the particular star sign for the month, even if it is a sort of token acknowledgement, I don’t know maybe I should think more about sales than themes but you know whatever, I’m not a super serious cut-throat business avatar, yet.

Available @ Zodiac event

And here are some nice blog posts that use some of these things ❤




Zodiac – Virgo

A bit late blogging this but the event (for this star sign) is open until September 17th so you still have an opperchancity to pick up my items, if you want.

The Zodiac clock shows the time (funny that) and also the current star sign in case you need to keep reminded about the astrology.

Available in three colours…….

I also made this thermometer, it doesn’t reall y do anything, it’s just a stupid joke because Virgos are “ruled by mercury”.

Available here

Watergate Office Chair

Not just your mother’s office chair (is that how you use that idiom? Does your mother even have an office chair?) Anyway, this vehicle yes VEHICLE has all the fun of the fair but without the deep fried chocolate covered bacon butter balls. You can drive it around, you can change teh colour using a HUD yes you heard (read) right, a mother-loving HUD! Also swap between three poses that were made by me! I made all this stuff, mesh, textures, scripts but I guess this leaves you wondering why with those mediocre skill at my disposal why did I make a stupid office chair. The answer is simple, because I could, now let’s race, last one back from the water cooler is a rotten egg and no short cuts past the photocopier.

Wategerate Office Chair

L$50 at Conspiracy Theory