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FLF 17/8/12

The Contra Watch has super fun features, no really, you can even zap people with a laser.

The starter pack is available at a special introductory price of 50L for one day only as part of Fifty Linden Friday.

You can send dialog messages, shout at people and even use the new teleport features.

You can customise your watch with the expandable colour HUDs, either by buying a colour set or an all colour HUD which has ALL THE COLOURS. Colour packs are 100L each and include 6 colours, you can mix and match the strap, face and buttons etc with any combination. Also included are  4 Metal face textures in each pack.  The all colour pack with all the colours carries a discount and is 250L.

Even girls can wear it, look!

Available @ Conspiracy Theory on The Nest 


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Should probably attempt to maintain a blog about my stuff in SL. I've tried and failed about 400 times before to do this though.

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